Hershey’s Classics


Create a brand extension that sheds new light on the classic Hershey Co. products that generations before us grew to love and were the foundation of this company’s success.

Establish a target audience and marketing campaign focusing on the classics to promote this brand extension.


Target Audience
This brand extension will address a nostalgic generation who are seeking those classics from the 1900s. In Today’s marketplace, Hershey has become so large with over 30 brands that fall under the Hershey umbrella. This new brand extension will solve the problem by creating a bundle all of the classics that people struggle to find in the store today. People who remember growing up with the Hershey classic products. These people are most likely born before the1970’s and they would purchase the set for themselves or as gifts during the holidays to share memories. They enjoy those retro or antique style and the packaging would grab their attention.

Brand Extension
The final logo utilizes the traditional Hershey logo with the addition of the word “Classics” underneath that gives the audience a sense of melted chocolate, or caramel. This helps to anchor the word “Hershey” as well as add some additional personality for this extension. At the top of the text sits the 4 products that are sold under this brand extension in an icon style.

Marketing Campaign
The marketing campaign consists of a direct mailer, advertisements, and social media assets for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Please Note: This is a brand and campaign proposal. It is not a published, launched campaign.
This is a conceptual campaign with sources from