Meet the designer

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With over ten years of experience in the design industry, focusing on mainly graphic design and identity development, I begin all projects focusing on functionality first, and creative freedom second. The reason being is because yes, as designers we can go to the moon and back with creative concepts, but if the design does not present itself well in the environment in which the client wishes to use it, then it won’t serve its purpose.
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Also as time allows, I do have my camera with me in search of photography opportunities as well as an inventory of canvas & watercolor if the mood strikes me. On a more personal note, below is a list of things that catch my eye, inspire me, and that I’m passionate about:


Chicken corn soup
Middleswarth BBQ chips
Butter pecan ice cream
Chocolate covered strawberries


Identity development
Watercolor & ink
Back to the Future trilogy
Camp fires
To-do lists